​​​​​I can say humbly and without ego that no matter what size audience or what size venue, there is no holding back. "I love to entertain and want to affect people's lives.  I want them to go home afterwards and say, 'that was a great night, great show and we got our moneys worth."

 When someone is in the audience singing the lyrics to a song you wrote in your basement or living room, there is a connection that is transparent. Having a positive affect on someone is very rewarding as an artist. I imagined that each song would affect someone in a different way and I don't think you can listen to these songs and not say  'wow, I can relate to that'


Well the easiest way to do this would be to break it down by category with a limit to three for each one. 


Here are asome of my favorites...

Steve Perry,Neal Schon,Paul Stanley, Ace Freheley, Don Felder, George Lynch,Doug Aldrich, Michael Sweet, Rick James, Bob Gaudio to name a few.

About Larry  

Larry Pascale's combination of great original sing along in your head, positve message Pop and Rock songs transcend all ages and genres.  From ages 7 to 70 and beyond fans are enjoying his music.                                                          Pascale has toured with many national artists and has been touted not just for his voice and guitar work but for his amazing ability as a songwriter, engineer, and arranger. In addition he  is also  the Lead Singer of Classic Journey Live the country s premiere Journey experience.