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Rock Avenue Records USA Announces Signing of Larry Pascale

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Rock Avenue Records USA is thrilled to announce the signing of singer-songwriter Larry Pascale. With a combination of melodic rock that transcends many genres in the music industry, Larry's music is known for its amazing hooks, melodies, and blazing guitars.

Larry Pascale playing his guitar.
Larry Pascale

Larry Pascale has been making serious noise in the music industry, having played in several bands including Suite 16, Uprising, and Uncle Sam. Now, he is working on a new record to be released through Rock Avenue Records USA very soon.

"MaryAnn Hartman Media - RARU and RARUSA is so excited to welcome such a talented musician to the label," our rep in Las Vegas, Jeffrey Rivenburgh, Head of A&R of Rock Avenue Records USA mentioned. "Larry's music is a breath of fresh air, and we believe he has what it takes to make a big impact in the industry."

MaryAnn Hartman the VP of the label looks forward to working with Larry and getting him out to see his fans.

For more about Larry Pascale:

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I am honored to be a fan Larry, I love and enjoy your music. Looking forward to more music and good luck with everything. I know the label is very happy to have you onboard.

Gefällt mir
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