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Larry Pascale - Vocals/Guitar

Larry Pascale is a premier rock artist, singer, hit songwriter, guitarist, bassist, arranger, producer, engineer, and recording artist. His music is characterized by its catchy melodies and powerful lyrics and a unique style of rock music that has already gained him a large following among fans of the genre. His music is sure to please his existing fans and attract new listeners.


Scott Allen - Bass

Scott Allen is a bassist from Libertyville, IL.  He is an experienced performer who brings a strong sense of groove and melody to all musical situations. Scott has been performing with the band for many years and continues to be a key component in providing a solid rhythmic foundation.


Robert Chandler - Drums

Robert Chandler has been playing drums for, well, a long time. His earliest accounts come from his parents. They say at the age of 3 or 4, he saw a group at an outdoor event and stood front and center of stage for the whole show never taking his eyes off the drums. That is where his passion began and continues today. 

Endorsements: Collision Drumsticks


Scott Skipper - Rhythm Guitar

Scott Skipper is a seasoned performer from Atlanta Georgia. With years of experience on the road and in the studio, and also being influenced by a wide diversity of music, he can meld into any genre or style.

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