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Front Album Cover


Living A Dream Now Available

Larry Pascale

Larry Pascale

Nominated for 2022 AC Breakthrough Artist of the Year

Larry Pascale was nominated for AC Breakthrough Artist of the Year in 2022 by the New Music Weekly, a yearly show where fans, radio personnel, music industry executives, and industry insiders vote to choose the winner.


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Living a Dream

"Wow absolutely amazing! Great song! Amazing video you rock!!" - Jerrica B.

"What an awesome video and song." Brian S.

"Such a well written song that touches the heart! It truly is a masterpiece! You have the most amazing voice, along with your awesome guitar talent. Thank you for sharing. This song is fantastic!" Jennifer L.

"Wow, fantastic Larry! This is one of my favorites! Love everything about it. You are so talented!" Lisa M.

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Larry Pascale

Larry Pascale is a premier rock artist, singer, hit songwriter, guitarist, bassist, arranger, producer, engineer, and Rock Avenue Records USA recording artist. His music is characterized by its catchy melodies and powerful lyrics and a unique style of rock music that has already gained him a large following among fans of the genre. His music is sure to please his existing fans and attract new listeners.

Larry Pascale's inspiring, original sing-alongs and melodious rock compositions go above all ages and genres. Fans from ages 8 to 80 years old and beyond enjoy his music. Larry Pascale sings an array of unforgettable hooks, harmonies, blazing guitars, melodies, and songs you will keep singing because they stay in your heart and mind, and you can't forget them.

A world-class entertainer who writes all his music, performs them, and plays all instruments himself, Larry Pascale is the epitome of a Rock Star.

Larry Pascale's music is honest and heartfelt, and his live performances are truly electric. His unique style and passion for making great music is certain to make him a popular musician today.

Larry Pascale believes that the key to writing a hit song is to connect with the listener on an emotional level. He strives to create songs that are memorable and evoke strong emotions. His work has earned him critical acclaim from both fans and critics alike.

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